The Everyday Surprises

I am big on routine. I am so big on routine that I always floss my teeth every day at the same time. But what gets me up in the morning is the unexpected; the surprises that sometimes  happen in life. There is nothing like going through the routine of the day and then there’s a surprise!

Surprises come in many forms. There are the surprises in your personal life like watching a child of yours get something that they have been telling you about for weeks, if not years. Perhaps a call from someone you haven’t  heard from in awhile and that you miss terribly. Or it could be the ending of a  book with a surprise twist. Then there is your work life: when your boss tells you that you are doing a good job, when you get a raise, or when you have one of those days when you’re operating on all cylinders. Surprises are in abundance, and you don’t even have to look for them; they find you.

I  know what you are thinking, but what about those bad surprises that frustrate, anger, and just tire you out? If you believe like a lot of people that everything happens for a reason, then bad surprises can be a way for you to appreciate the little things in life a bit more. Although bad surprises do happen, there is the opportunity of something good coming out of it.

The everyday good surprises wake you up and make you appreciate life more. Most of us live mundane and, one could say, even boring lives most of the time, but when an everyday surprise happens, it opens up your heart. You are more prone to smile, more willing to help people, and it takes you to another place; a place that is outside the usual routine of your life because surprises are like lightbulbs; they light you up from the inside out. They make you see the world in a different light; a better light.

The everyday surprise offers us relief, gets our heart rate up, and makes us feel gratitude. They get you up in the morning with the thought that there will be another chance for a surprise, and it is just right around the corner waiting for you.

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Avis Yarbrough writes from Illinois.

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